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First Man on Mars | Sci-Fi Movie | Full Length | Horror | English


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First Man On Mars - The countdown to terror has begun. Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong.

First Man On Mars (2016):
Director: Mike Lyddon
Writers: Mike Lyddon (screenplay), Mike Lyddon (story)
Stars: Kelly Murtagh, Robert J. Gilchrist, Candace McAdams
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 1h 14 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 27 September 2016 (USA)

"A secret mission. A horrifying discovery. The countdown to terror has begun! In 2003 billionaire astronaut Eli Cologne began his journey through space to become the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong.. Infected by an alien organism on the red planet, he returned to Earth a crazed, savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh. The space craft crashed undetected in a remote part of Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, and he's been hunting both human and animal prey in the swamps for years. Beautiful yet domineering scientist Dr. Martine Munro was in charge of the Mars Mission and Eli Cologne's secret lover. Now that she's received a signal from the transmitter on the lost space craft, she and a few bumbling, nerdy scientists head to the sleepy town of Black Bayou in search of the lost astronaut. For small town sheriff Dick Ruffman, it's a race against time to find the man-turned-monster before he kills again in this horrifying and hilarious satire of low ..." Written By The producer.

""Do you like monster movies? I love monster movies, and the cheaper they are, the better." To paraphrase the late great Frank Zappa when he introduces his song "Cheapness." First Man on Mars is not only a cheap monster movie, it's an hilariously cheap monster movie. Not only is it a satire of those 60's-70's low budget drive-in flicks, but it manages to throw in some post modern barbs to current culture. I read it was shot on 16mm and they couldn't have gotten that old school look any better. Other than the general hi-jinks of the characters there is a fair amount of blood and gore, but it's very comic book-like and meant for laughs more than horror. The miniatures are perfectly miniature looking and along with the ultra low budget visual effects I found myself anticipating the next visual guffaw. Very much an homage to Incredible Melting Man, First Man in Space and early Corman films like Beast from the Haunted Sea etc., but beautifully over the top like it should be. You can tell the filmmakers love those movies and there are plenty of sci-fi and horror references throughout. While it is definitely not for everyone, I highly recommend First Man on Mars to those with a sense of humor, a sense of film history, and fondness for old school sci-fi and horror." Written By jason-40416.

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