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How Sean Baker Became America’s Neorealist


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We sat down to talk to Sean Baker about his new A24 film Red Rocket and his use of filmmaking tactics like casting non-traditional actors and utilizing on-location shoots to make movies that feel unique and authentic to the environment that he’s trying to capture.

Throughout this Sean Baker interview, we talked to the indie film director about how he was influenced by the post-World War II Italian film movement, Italian Neorealism. Italian directors like TK, TK, were famous for making movies on shoestring budgets, using non-traditional actors and shooting on-location in an effort to capture the “realism” of literature. Baker also utilizes those methods in his movies.

Our conversation focuses on how he utilized those key components of Italian Neorealism in his films like The Florida Project, Tangerine, and Starlet.

And he also talks to us about what it was like working with the actors in his movies including Willem Dafoe, Simon Rex, Suzanna Son, Bria Vinaite, and Mya Taylor.

For more on Red Rocket (2021), be sure to check out the Red Rocket Trailer:

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