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Rat Pack: The Rubbish World of


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Dave wants to learn to play the drums at school, but is given the recorder instead. With a musical talent show round the corner, Dave sets about practising. His spirits are lifted when Fuzzypeg reveals a gift for jazz singing, but little does he know, together their talents are attracting an audience of music loving rats…

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud on CITV.

Dave Spud. Just an ordinary kid. An average boy. AN UNWITTING CREATOR OF CHAOS.

Dave, Grimsby's own magnet for disaster, is a fighter against the odds and our unlikely hero. He knows that no matter how rubbish things get, there is always room for them to get worse. BUT BRING IT ON! For Dave and his Spud family are united – together they WILL prevail and do so with GUSTO!!! Side note: And be back in time for tea.

The star voice cast includes talent such as Philip Glenister, Arthur Smith, Lisa Hammond, Jane Horrocks, Gina Yashere, and Johnny Vegas as Dave Spud. Brit Awards-winning electronic music duo Basement Jaxx (Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) have created the music and soundtrack to the series.

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